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wesOnce I left the US Marines and began working for the American Automobile Association over the next four decades, it’s true that several opportunities to travel occurred. Sometimes, it was no more than extending a few extra days of “touristing” before or after a business trip. But, I think the most interesting of these sojourns were the ones not a part of the business destination and ones that had the least advance planning.

Or, those trips where something unexpected occurs.

For example, Carol and I might decide on a particular country; and, of course, we had to fly there which took some planning. But even so, we found that the local taxi drivers, or bartenders, or casual acquaintances along the way created several unique adventures. In any case, even those that might have been preplanned in a more formal context became fodder for some off-the-wall and unanticipated events …events worthy writing down.

Like when in Mexico I learned what the word “la mordida” meant in Spanish. No, it does not mean bribe … at least not exactly. Read the story “Bites and Ceviche” for some how-to tips.

Or, like when we had our on-the-road drivers’ training in Peru learning how to pass vehicles on blind curves. There’s more to “Eyes Right”, but just don’t look down!

Some of these nonfiction short stories have been included within this site. Perhaps one day, I’ll combine them all into yet another book.

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