“Monsoon Madness” [Volume 1]

Last year, the Oro Valley Writers’ Forum published an anthology titled “Monsoon Madness.” This group of writers north of Tucson, Arizona, has assembled a deep and interesting collection of prose and poetry, both fiction and nonfiction, that reveal a depth of character and writing commitment from the thirteen authors and poets.

Although available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats, this new anthology is also available directly from members of the Writers’ Forum. Due to corona-virus issues, the group is meeting using Zoom.

For more information or for some descriptions of their works, you can also contact Wes Choc through this website: weschoc.com or by contacting the author via email.

“Desert Muses” [Volume 2]

Volume 2, titled “Desert Muses” is being published late summer 2020. Look for it on Amazon!

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