Literacy Connects – Tucson


Literacy Connects, Tucson’s premier educational center for teaching English as a second language, has presented a very nice online newsletter this month. Check it out by linking to:

This month, Wes Choc was featured (see end of this month’s newsletter) as a special tutor who regularly volunteers his time teaching English to new residents to the U.S.  Every week, he conducts the Advanced Conversation class at Nanini Public Library on Tucson’s northwest side. Inside the classroom, students practice their speaking and listening skills in particular. The main focus in the class is on “practical pronunciation” (in order to speak more fluently and more clearly the way Americans do) as well as on “idioms, slang, and word choices” (in order to understand what people are saying, and to use these types of speaking skills). Best of all, it’s a fun way for students to practice their communication abilities in a mutually supportive environment.

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