New Book: “Baby Shoes”


According to Amazon: One of the “Best Books of the Year So Far” … [Fall 2015]. Edited by Jason Brick and others.

100 Stories. 100 Authors. Under 1,000 words. No Holds Barred. This book started with a call for authors worldwide and ended with a collection of short-but-stirring pieces of fiction from all genres and every corner of the human literary imagination. Spend a minute each in one hundred minds, with tales running from noir detective, to holiday heartwarmer, to serial killer thrill, to flights of fantasy and erotica. “Baby Shoes” gets its name from what’s arguably the most famed piece of flash fiction ever penned, and follows that tradition to celebrate great writing in one of its most efficient forms. [Jason Brick]

Featured authors: Joe R. Lansdale, Linda Needham and Walter Jon Williams. Senior authors: April Aasheim, April J. Moore, Dan Repperger, Dani J. Caile, Danika Dinsmore, Eddy Webb, Jack B. Rochester, Jason Brick, William Hertling Contributing authors: A.A. Blakey, Adam Thomas Gottfried, Amanda Whitbeck, Amy Beth Outland, Arlan Andrews Sr., Bam Leslie, Barry Koplen, Bert Edens, C.A. Verstraete, C.M. Crockford, Caitlin Park, Carrie Uffindell, Charles Loomis, Christian Fink Jensen, Christina Dudley, Cody May, Crystal Yoner, Cynthia Lang, Dan Marshall, David M. Covenant, David Mundt, Debby Dodds, Derek Knutsen, E.A. Roper, E.L. Johnson, Erika Gimbel, Erika Rybczyk, Ethan Noone, Gerri Leen, Greg Henry, Gregg Edwards Townsley, Ian Christy, Jane Nagler, Jeb Brack, Jenny Cokeley, Jess Kapp, Jim Pahz, John Deal, John James, Julie M. Rodriguez, Karen B. Call, Katherine Valdez, Kathryn Cowan Shepherd, Kyle Owens, Larry Oldham, Laura Scott, Lawrence W. Paz, Lisa Nordin, M. Earl Smith, M.D. Pitman, M.S. Lambert, Macy Mixdorf, Maggie Grinnell, Maria Clark, Mark R. O’Neill, Mark Rusin, Marquita West, Maya Silver, Mindy Windholz, Miranda Carter, Monroe Truss, N.L. Bowley, Nancy Townsley, Nathan Hystad, Nick Briggs, Own Palmioti, Pat Marum, Patrick Garratt, Peter Boadry, Phil Cummings, Rhonnie Fordham, Robert Eversmann, Ron Chaterjee, Rose LeMort, S.M. Chandler, Sandra Valmana, Scott Crowder, Seth Bradley, Sharon Rezac Andersen, Shelley Widhalm, Thomas Palestrini, Tiaan Lubbe, Trinity N. Herr, Tyler Denning, Vinnie Penn, Wes Choc, Zephyra Burt.

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