New Anthology by Tucson Authors

The Oro Valley Writers’ Forum has published a new anthology called “Desert Muses” … it’s also Volume II from Forum contributors following “Monsoon Madness” that was published in 2019. Be on the lookout for this on Amazon, or via any of the dozen Tucson authors. This is a surprisingly good collection of fiction and nonfiction, plus an array of poetry that will catch your eye.

“Monsoon Madness” [Volume 1]

Last year, the Oro Valley Writers’ Forum published an anthology titled “Monsoon Madness.” This group of writers north of Tucson, Arizona, has assembled a deep and interesting collection of prose and poetry, both fiction and nonfiction, that reveal a depth of character and writing commitment from the thirteen authors and poets.

Although available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats, this new anthology is also available directly from members of the Writers’ Forum. Due to corona-virus issues, the group is meeting using Zoom.

For more information or for some descriptions of their works, you can also contact Wes Choc through this website: or by contacting the author via email.

“Desert Muses” [Volume 2]

Volume 2, titled “Desert Muses” is being published late summer 2020. Look for it on Amazon!

Hectic Treks – Unusual Stuff Encountered While Traipsing Around

Be sure to look up Hectic Treks on Amazon: Amazon – Hectic Treks

It’s a collection of one-of-a-kind stories about some very odd things that happen when one travels around. Sure, there are some fantastic and magnificent places in the world …and these indeed get photographed every time …but the stories in Hectic Treks are about what goes on before or afterwards or in between …and not just touristy stuff.

To tourist? …or to travel? To merely take photographs? …or to experience?

It’s not about seeing the pyramids in Egypt …it’s about what happens if you break your arm descending the Alabaster Steps in Alexandria. It’s not about sightseeing the Alaska wilderness …it’s about what to do when you get a flat tire when it’s pouring rain, hundreds of miles from anywhere, with no cell service …and you can’t figure out how to get the spare off the bottom of that rented Ford Explorer. It’s not about celebrating Easter in that small village in central Mexico …it’s about what to do when you’ve lost your passports, AND your travelers’ checks, AND your airline tickets (just ask Carlos …he’s Maria, the Hairdresser’s husband). And what if you’ve just finished taking in all that Machu Picchu (Peru) has to offer and board the train to go back to Cuzco …then, once departed the station, that trainworkers are going on strike and the trip back will not be completed …it’s okay, we’ll make a stop in Urubamba so you can get off the train.

Why is traveling different than touristing? Well, let me tell you about my …


Good winter reading

Browsing Amazon or Barnes & Noble takes us into a wide array of possible reads as we look for that particular story that captures our eye. Consider a closer look at one nonfiction fast read about a Cold War spy that no one knows about. It’s called “Inconspicuous” (Walter Rothwell’s Undercover Journey During the Cold War).



Here’s a six-minute podcast about a very introspective moment that author Wes Choc embraced as he embarked to cross the Pacific Ocean in July 1966 on his way to Vietnam.  It’s a thoughtful and pensive reflection about what was yet to come.

“Inconspicuous” now available in Kindle Edition

Inconspicuous Front Cover                   “Inconspicuous – Walter Rothwell’s Undercover Journey During the Cold War”

This is a fairly fast but intriguing read …especially in an e-book format like Kindle. “Inconspicuous” in its Kindle version has become a popular option. But the story is compelling all on its own. Be sure to go to for more information.

Wally Rothwell was certainly an under-appreciated and practically unknown espionage agent … and yet he ended up being a quite consequential in the history books. There are no other biographies of this interesting Cold War player. Find out why.

Veterans’ Day

If you know someone who’s served in the military, there are many ways to thank or acknowledge their service. Books are often a good digression into past memories for veterans. Some books are harsh war stories, others are introspections, yet others reflect unusual “takes” on consequential events that we might not read about in history class.

For a different “take” on Vietnam, consider getting Just Dust, An Improbable Marine’s Vietnam Story as a gift or tribute to someone among friends and family. Go to .

Available in both paperback and Kindle versions.

And … the holidays are coming !!


Just Dust on Kindle!

Save time and money when you get the Kindle version. Take a look at Amazon’s presentation at and get your own copy!